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nice church photos

just what I've always wanted!

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I received this gift from a thoughtful friend:
How did they know I'd really been wanting this?
I especially love that "kissing disease" is in the biggest print.
I wish getting rid of the real illness were as easy as taking this gem back to the store--not that I'm planning to do that, of course.

this morning

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This morning I wasn't feeling well, so I stayed home and listened to my church's service on the internet.

While I was listening, I heard a few random noises in my house. But I've gotten used to all sorts of noises, so I just ignored them.

I was paying close attention to the sermon, which was about health. When it was almost over, suddenly I heard an ear-splitting noise. It sounded like a bird in great distress: SHRIEKSHRIEKSHRIEKSHRIEK SHRIEEEEEEEEK. I've never heard anything like it before!

I thought: A bird dying inside my house? A snake eating a bird inside my house? A bird trapped inside my house?

But I really wanted to hear the last few words of the sermon, so I waited just a minute before going to look for the bird. (Crazy, I know.)

I didn't find anything.

No bird anywhere.

Who knows what happened?

I've heard more noises since then--but nothing like that one shriek. I wonder if there's a bird in my attic?

With this old house, there's no telling!
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Cahaba River
(back to photos later)


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Okay, enough of the "poor me" posts already. I think I'll post some pictures instead. Here's the first one:


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I thought I'd share a few things people have said to me since I've been sick. If you said one of these things, don't worry! I think they're funny:

I hope it's not something REALLY awful!

You need to take Theraflu.

I thought you had leukemia.

You have mono? Is it your head or your stomach?

And, yes, the comment I've heard ad nauseum:

Ooh, who have you been kissing??

If I were talented enough to simultaneously have a job, a dissertation, AND a significant relationship, then you'd really have to be impressed. But I don't--and I don't really mind.

So now YOU don't have to ask! ;)

living and learning

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Sorry to be such a dunce, but I've finally realized one reason people visit friends in the hospital: to cheer them up and give them company while they're stuck in bed.

Maybe I wouldn't mind this so much after all, if I weren't deathly ill and had close friends stop by. It gets old lying in bed most all day by yourself!

On a brighter note, here's a random picture I've never gotten around to posting until now:

how not to write a book review

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I've been slowly working on my dissertation, as I've felt up to it. I found this online review of a book I'm including in one chapter:

This book is very interesting Because it from the women's in the church this is something christian should have in their libaray.

I'm hoping that the final draft of my dissertation doesn't end up sounding like this. If I don't rest some more, I'm afraid it may! ;)

just kidding!

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Today the doctor told me he thought I do have mono. I'm not 100% sure why they told me earlier I didn't, but...whatever. I'm too tired to think it through at the moment!

How am I feeling? Well, I'm pretty good at faking it, but a lot of the time I feel pretty bad. Today I found myself contemplating whether it was worth it to get up and walk to the water fountain and get water so I could take another Advil. :)

Okay, enough whining from me. I'm sure I'll feel better sooner rather than later. For now, it's back to bed!