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Today 45% of Americans ages 25 to 34 are married.

In the 1960s, more than 80% of Americans ages 25 to 34 were married.
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my choir

now on to my next hobby...

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Try not to be too jealous of my exciting life. ;)


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On my trip, I somehow lost my watch. The funny side of this was using my phone for an alarm. It was stuck on New York time, so I had to set it to wake me up at like 1:30 AM every day!

I'll have to buy a new watch, but that won't be very expensive.

I also broke my glasses, unfortunately. I had put them in the pouch in the back of the seat in front of me on the plane when I was trying to rest. I shifted my foot the wrong way, and POP--there went the glasses frame.

That mistake is either going to cost me $3 in super glue (unlikely to work), or $350+ in an eye exam and new glasses (more likely).

This turned out to be quite the expensive trip!

it's a long trip...

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approximate travel time: 22 hours
time difference: 7 hours

High temperature in Prague: 68 degrees F (20 C)
High temperature in Birmingham: 95 degrees F (35 C)


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We're missing you in Prague!
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what I'm not doing
thinking about my dissertation
stressing about my dissertation
studying my dissertation
being upset about my dissertation
thinking about all the $$ and 100,000 Delta miles I spent to come to Prague (okay, well, maybe I'm doing this one a little bit)

what I'm doing
whatever I want to do!!
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WHEW. I did it!!

I can't say how glad I am that that's over--and glad it had a happy ending!

hour(s) of torture

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Friday, Sep 17
6 PM local time (or perhaps a little earlier)
11 AM Alabama time (or earlier)
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This feels like the Olympics: you practice for years, but have only one brief chance. The pressure is intense, and everyone is watching you. Except, of course, in the Olympics you know your routine. Here, you are at the mercy of whatever questions they ask you.

Is this really the best way to determine your academic knowledge? When I am in charge of the world, things will be different. :)
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Last night I was trying to sleep when a roach jumped onto my pillow. That's about how my life is going these days.

non-depressing post

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Meet my new friend.
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I know this sounds ridiculous, but for the past month or so I have sometimes been very tired again...fortunately, not most of the time.