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dissertation = torture

excuse me, can you direct me to the second floor?

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It's been awhile since I've been to Europe, and sadly, I'm never able to stay for too long. It must be rubbing off on me, though.

Today I was helping paint a local ministry center. I remembered that we were painting rooms on the second floor. But I couldn't remember if that was the floor directly above the bottom floor, or the floor above that!

I think my dissertation has fried my brain!
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not from my old magazine, but from someone else's.


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Curious readers may be interested to know that I have three wells in my yard. I thought there might be four, but I can't seem to locate the fourth one right now. Informed readers are free to fill me in.

None of the wells are in use now, since several years ago the mountain went on "city water" (woo hoo!). Apparently the wells had a tendency to dry up. One neighbor still keeps dishpans in her sinks to capture extra water.

Here's the first well, all covered up (and prominently placed not far from my door):

Here's what it looks like on the inside...complicated:

Here's the second well, or what's left of it. Again, a beauty:

The third well is in the yard between my house and my neighbor's house. It's so covered up with weeds in the summer that it's hard to see, but maybe you can get a glimpse of it:

I have to say that I'm grateful for faucets that pour out water on demand!

sacred harp

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National Sacred Harp Singing Convention
First Christian Church
Birmingham, Alabama
June 17-19

Everyone should come! It's a Southern tradition you really have to experience for yourself.

Decoration Day

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I enjoy reading books about Southern folklife, like this one about Decoration Day. We never had Decoration Day where I grew up in the city, but they definitely observe it here in rural Alabama!

I'm sure there's more I could say on this topic, but that's all for now. Anyone have any good Decoration Day stories or memories?
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random but interesting photo essay on Mississippi tornado shelters
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Okay...I've decided that Facebook and even Twitter are way more interesting than blogging these days. You can keep up with me there.
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What a horrible thing is debt!
It is so binding, so grinding, so blinding!
It is so wearing, so tearing, so ensnaring, so despairing!
It is so harassing and so embarrassing!
It is so stressing, so distressing!
It is so pressing, so oppressing and so depressing!
We worry, fuss and fume and fret
And lie awake in grim regret,
When we’re in debt, when we’re in debt!

-1942 magazine
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I analyzed this image in today's presentation.

And now back to that small paper that I'm endlessly revising...
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busy...back later.