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the choir

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I've been meaning to mention an experience I had in DC. At the conference, they mentioned that anyone who was interested could join a choir to sing at the banquet.

Along with a handful of other women, I showed up at the choir rehearsal, which took place right before the banquet. That's when I learned that we'd be singing three songs--two of which I had never heard of.

And from the music I heard, it sure didn't sound like the other women had, either.

Instead of dragging this story out, let me just mention three small things I learned from the experience:
  1. 45 minutes is not really long enough for a group of strangers to learn three new full-length songs together.
  2. It's not a good idea to perform a song in a concert when you didn't quite get to the second half of it in rehearsal.
  3. While "letting the Spirit lead" sounds very spiritual, let's just say you may be led places that the music's composer never imagined.
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These aren't the greatest pictures, but at least you'll get an idea of some more things I saw.
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Of course I had to visit the largest library in the world!

Library of Congress

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If you knew how long it took to upload this, you'd forgive me for the shaky camera work. :)

the next best thing to a profuse apology

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Okay, people. I'm having a horrible time uploading stuff tonight. (Hmm, wonder if that has anything to do with my awful dial-up connection?)

So I guess you'll have to wait in suspense one more day, if you can hold out that long.
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Hello from on board an airplane!

Wireless internet is a wonderful thing.

Getting to the airport before the sun comes up is not.

not that I'm advocating not flushing...

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Every time you flush a toilet you use more water than the average person in the developing world uses all day for cooking, cleaning, drinking--everything.
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only in Alabama

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overheard in front of a perfectly normal ice cream freezer at the grocery store:

Dad: Sarah, do you want Auburn ice cream or Alabama ice cream?

Toddler: Auburn!
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Me: What are you excited about in GAs this year? (thinking playing games, learning about other countries, trying cool foods, etc.)

Girl 1: The aquarium!

Girl 2: Dancing!

As far as I know, we don't have any plans to go to the aquarium or dance during GAs, but maybe we should make some...

dissertation update

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Chapters written: 2
Pages written: 98
Words written: 31,136
Sources consulted: 292