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summary of an interesting forum (slightly academic)
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where I'm staying


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I had a wonderful time exploring Ireland and Scotland, and will post a few pictures here (and lots of Facebook) when I have a chance.

This week I'm pretty busy attending a conference in the Netherlands. The bus leaves our hotel for the conference each morning at 7:30 AM, and returns around 10 PM. So don't expect too much here!


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Loch Ness


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just a few quick pictures...
many more later!

in Dublin!

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Here are two quick photos from Dublin. Much more later!
I'm not sure about internet access for the next several days, but I'll post when I can. I'm having a great time so far!

headed out!

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I'm leaving this afternoon for two weeks in Europe. I'll explore Dublin, Edinburgh, and Amsterdam, among other places. I'm excited!

I'll be on my own for the first week, and attending a conference for the second week.

I should have internet in a few places, but it won't be my priority.

Wish me luck!

fact of the week

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Nearly four in ten Americans still live in the community where they were born.

just hanging out

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another reason to love summer in the country

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blackberries fresh off the bush--mmmm!
I saw some sort of mountain lion or maybe coyote while picking these. YIKES! It ran away before I could tell (or take a picture).

fun weekend

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If time is inescapable in its inexorable sequentiality, that still does not solve the fundamental problem of historical causation; it only makes it possible to contemplate it.

--historiography book I'm reading

And how was your weekend?
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The world is a zesty place, but it’s easy to forget that when you’re surrounded by clusters of non-descript cul-de-sacs and uninspired strip malls.

-Maya Frost
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Did you know that Blount County is the covered bridge capital of Alabama?

Now you do!


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16,714 words
1,560 lines
236 footnotes
98 paragraphs
57 pages
1 more chapter finished!


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Blueberries are one of my favorite parts of summer. Straight off the bush--YUM! I'll be enjoying these for the rest of the week, and working hard on my writing. Happy Independence Day!