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tower of the americas





sea world
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1 new motherboard
2 new hard drives
2+ weeks
5+ tech support calls

...and my computer is still not working.
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The average age at first marriage for women with master's or professional degrees is 30.
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Homewood: a man dressed like a Viking walking down the street
Downtown: an artificial Christmas tree branch in the road

Just off 280: 10 wild turkeys crossing the street
Vestavia: bricks in the road

?? (maybe I should stay home!)

tech support

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Indian guy: [unnamed computer company] tech support, how may I help you?

me: I sent my computer in to be repaired. I got it back today, but it was still broken.

Indian guy: What seems to be the problem?

me: It's still not working. It is still shutting down all the time like it was before I sent it in. Can I give you my order number? The information I received said they fixed it.

Indian guy: How is the fan?

me: The fan is fine. Can you tell me what the technicians who repaired it said?

Indian guy: Do I hear the fan running? Is it overheating?

me: There is no problem with the fan. Here is my order number: xxxx.

Indian guy: Please hold.

::Christmas music::

Indian guy: Thank you for remaining online.

30 minutes later....

Indian guy: Someone will call you back tomorrow about the problem.

I didn't make it up--but where do I find this stuff??

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94% of households with children ages 4 to 14 have a computer. Just under 90% have a TV.
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more trivia

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We tend to choose baby names from our great-grandparents' generation, because they're farther removed from our concepts of old people.


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Lord, Lord
You were hungry
and I was sorry.
You were thirsty
and I blamed the world.
You were a stranger
and I pointed you out.
You were naked
and I turned you in.
You were sick
and I said a prayer.
You were in prison
and I wrote a poem.

The God Letters
The Lord God says:
'Share your bread
with the hungry,
bring the homeless poor
into your house,
cover the naked.'

'Dear Lord God,
We have got
new carpets,
so this will
not be possible.'
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If you were stranded on a deserted island and could take one item with you, what would you take?

the internet