GA friends

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Scene: three girls and a leader walking down the hall

Girl 1: I can't talk about this, since I just invited one girl from church, but I'm having a birthday party next Friday!


Scene: prayertime

Girl 2: I pray for all the children around the world.
Girl 3: I pray that I will not pull a ticket in school. I pray that Sarah will not pull a ticket in school. I pray that all my friends will not misbehave in school, because sometimes they don't do what the teacher says, and that is very bad.
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things I like about spring:
warm weather
bunny rabbits
longer days
short sleeves
fresh green leaves
blue-tailed skinks
lower heating bills

things I don't like about spring:
mowing the grass
squirrels in the attic
yardwork (Okay, so I don't really do much yardwork. But maybe I should.)

of reptiles

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eumeces fasciatus
(my feeble attempt to be as cool as Rurality)
I love to watch these little guys dart in and out of rocks.
I don't enjoy watching snakus maximus slither in and out of my bushes and grass, right beside me. Eek!!!

it worked!

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Awhile back I read about this experiment in "asking random companies for free stuff."

Recently I decided to try it out. Why pay for stuff, I figured, when you could get it for free?

So I emailed the manufacturer of a product I use to try to keep my house from getting too humid. I didn't really feel like paying for the product. So I asked them to send me a free sample.

Today I received a coupon in the mail good for one of their products--up to a $9.99 value!

I could have done the usual thing and paid $10 for this product at the store. Instead, I spent 30 seconds looking up their website and emailing them--and can now buy lots of chocolate with my extra $10! ;)

Give it a try!


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Just a quick update: Today I learned the details of the magazine contest we won.

We won first place for our magazine's design!


best April tradition

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picking strawberries!
When I called and asked the place what hours they were open, they said "early to late." I love life in the country!


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Leader: Actually, Jesus didn't speak English.
Girl 1: What??!?
Girl 2: No way!!
Girl 3: That's right! Because for 700 years nobody talked, because they couldn't communicate with each other.

perhaps we're a bit too consumeristic?

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American stores could fit every person in North America, South America, and Europe inside them at one time.

why you shouldn't leave your cooking pot in a tree...

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Here's an interesting photo I received from an esteemed reader recently--

Happy Easter!

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What a God we have! Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we've been given a brand-new life and have everything to live for.
-1 Peter 1:3 (The Message)


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19,662 words
1,791 lines
260 footnotes
122 paragraphs
65 pages
1 chapter

Now to start on the next one...


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I'm not blogging again until I turn in another chapter on my dissertation (Saturday, I hope).

Keep your fingers crossed!

more information you don't need to know

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A week of the New York Times contains more information than a person in the 18th century encountered in a lifetime.

azaleas from my trip

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mixed motives?

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GA: When can I be a missionary?

Leader: You can be a missionary right now.

GA: No, really--when can I be a missionary?

Leader: You can show God's love to people at your school every day.

GA: No! When can I be a REAL missionary? When can I go to Italy??