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fact four: Thirty percent of 25- to 29-year-olds have only a cell phone (not a home phone).
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fact three: There are more multimillionaires in the South today than there were plantation owners in the Old South.
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fact two: Forty percent of Americans are chronically sleep-deprived.

this week: more random facts than you ever wanted to know

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fact one: If you drink a coke a day for 10 years, you'll gain 23 pounds.
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last stop: Helena, Buck Creek Festival This was a typical festival...

Well, maybe except for the bulldozer rides for kids...

and the Wild West shoot-out.

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town square

The first scene from "To Kill a Mockingbird" was outside. You couldn't take pictures during the performance. This was before it started.

The second scene was inside the courthouse. Again, no pictures during the performance. This is the only shot I got, after it was over. The links I posted above have better photos.

Here's the courthouse in the dark--I'm glad I finally made it here. I had been trying to go for years, but the performance usually sells out the day the tickets go on sale. This time we called until we got through and got tickets. It was worth it!


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I received an email today telling me that I had received a scholarship for over $1000.

A few minutes later, I received an email with the subject line "OOPS!" This email told me that there had been a mistake. I didn't get a scholarship at all.

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stop three: Selma
Apparently the Selma to Montgomery trail is also the Jefferson Davis Highway... (I didn't get a picture of that sign.)
Edmund Pettus Bridge
There was a memorial park under the bridge.
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stop 2: Montgomery capitol (with Jefferson Davis statue in front)

George C. Wallace portrait
"In this hall the ordinance of secession which withdrew Alabama from the Union of Sovereign States, was passed Jan. 11, 1861."

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I'm finally getting around to posting my pictures from last weekend.
stop one: cross garden near Prattville

I especially liked the juxtaposition of optimistic and condemning images:

Jesus save's versus you will die

Jesus and God next to sex, sin, and hell
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The creek and the lake were finally high again this weekend, thanks to storms that sent me to my neighbors' basement at 1 AM.

More later, after I switch out my hard drive.


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I'll post pictures from my road trip this weekend later. But first, an important announcement:


This moment has been far too long in coming. I gave up on AT&T ever getting DSL lines on the mountain, and got a Verizon PC card. I think it'll be well worth the investment.

So don't call my home phone line, because I don't have one anymore since I don't need it for dial-up. Just send me an email and I'll now be able to respond quickly!
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should have hid my left hand under the table

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Guy: I work for a mulch and landscaping company.

Me: Oh.

Guy: What about you?

Me: I'm an editor.

Guy: Actually, I do a lot of writing for my company.

Me: Uh huh.

last night of GAs

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Girl 1: Eeek! A spider!

Girl 2: If you'd give him a chance, you'd see that he's just like you!
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Sorry--I was too lazy to Photoshop out the telephone pole. You can imagine it's not there.

more Oneonta

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you know you want to

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come hear me sing in Latin for an hour
Sunday, 7 PM


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Chapters written so far: 3
Words written so far: ~37,000

Total chapters to be written: ~8
Total words to be written: ~100,000

New best friend: