Posted by mountainmelody On 5/10/2008 05:58:00 PM
I'll post pictures from my road trip this weekend later. But first, an important announcement:


This moment has been far too long in coming. I gave up on AT&T ever getting DSL lines on the mountain, and got a Verizon PC card. I think it'll be well worth the investment.

So don't call my home phone line, because I don't have one anymore since I don't need it for dial-up. Just send me an email and I'll now be able to respond quickly!

4 Responses to 'yeah!!!!!'

  1. Crystal said...'> 6:19 PM

    Yippie! Congrats!


  2. Rurality said...'> 7:50 PM


    I guess you heard about that development near you... it got sold to the bank, apparently.


  3. mountainmelody said...'> 8:30 PM

    Yeah--I heard that the development still owns a good bit of land...others will be able to comment on this more accurately than me.


  4. Cheryl said...'> 10:42 AM

    And a great chorus of hallelujahs were heard throughout the land!!!! As much as you stay online, you KNOW this will be a good investment.