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Me: I'm going to be using my credit card overseas.

Credit card rep: Okay. Will you be traveling overseas, or just... (I really want to know what she was going to say here. Just mailing your card to your friend in France?)

Me: Yes, I'll be traveling.

Rep: Okay. What state will you be going to? I mean, what country?

I was tempted to say Texas, which some claim is a state and some say is its own country. But I refrained.

My other credit card company said they no longer need to be notified about overseas travel. I sure hope that's the case, and my card still works when I get over there!


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1. I'm finally feeling better. Yay! I'm not back to my normal self yet, but can finally make it through the day without dying. Now I just feel like what I thought you were supposed to feel like when you have mono: tired, no energy, etc.

2. The rest of my trip was great! We saw lots of beautiful things. I may not have much time to sort through my pictures right now, though. (Refer to 3 below.)

3. I'm spending every spare moment working on my dissertation. I have a practice defense in Prague on November 3, and hope to submit my dissertation by the end of that week. (!!) Wish me luck!
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We saw four bears right outside our cabin. Wow!!

having fun!

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We're having a great time here in the Smoky Mountains! Yesterday it SNOWED as we drove into higher elevations. It was beautiful! See Facebook for pictures.

Then last night, as we were driving up Ski Mountain to our amazing cabin, a bear walked across the road! We all screamed so loudly that the bear seemed to hear us, even with the car's windows rolled up. It stopped, looked at us for a minute (why DO these people always scream and yell at me?), and then slowly lumbered away.

Wow! We didn't get a picture with our cameras--but I think that mental picture will stick with me for years!

Gatlinburg cabin

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a small vacation...more later!
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I'm busy
editing my dissertation...
I know you're jealous of my dissertation work (and my lovely carpet)!
I did NOT approve of a photography session!
...and recovering from mono. Sorry, no photo.
Back later!


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I wasn't feeling that great, but I made it back to church tonight. The girls were hilarious as always! At some point they started talking about foods they didn't like. Here's one conversation.

Girl 1: Eww! I hate liver!

Girl 2: What's liver?

Girl 1: It's, um, like a thing that comes out of a cow.

Girl 2: Oh! Milk!

I'm alive

Posted by mountainmelody On 10/06/2009 07:36:00 AM 1 comments case you were wondering. Feeling a little better, maybe. We'll see!


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I dragged my sad self to a meeting in Atlanta today. Now I've found out that the person who sat beside me all day has come down with the flu. Great...