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quick summary

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  • bison, elk, bears, bighorn sheep, moose, coyote
  • Old Faithful, geysers
  • waterfalls
  • hiking
  • snow

Pictures later, when I find a better internet connection...

boarding denied: detour to Salt Lake City

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Note to airline: Overbooking a flight (to a tourist destination, on a holiday weekend) by 40 people is not usually a good idea.

So here's our little (forced) detour...on to Yellowstone tomorrow.

why the world needs more proofreaders

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This beautifully illustrated Barbie story, based on verses from the New Testament, will be a treasured addition to any child's religious library.

-from multiple websites
(Contrary to popular opinion, the book does not feature Barbie.)
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A mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimension.

-Oliver Wendell Holmes
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how I got a free tire

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Walmart car guy: Ma'am, where did you buy this tire? I hate to tell you this, but it's defective. I'm afraid you got ripped off. Sometimes used tire dealers do that.

Me: I bought it at Walmart.

only in Alabama...

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Only in Alabama can you find the TV in the car care waiting room at Walmart playing evangelistic videos.
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good thing I found the windshield wipers

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The "extreme drought" conditions were so bad today that I had to go 30 mph on the interstate because of flash flooding.
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Q: What were you doing this morning at approximately 8:11 AM?
A: Driving.

Q: Were you also talking on your cell phone, eating, putting on makeup, changing clothes, or taking out your contacts?
A: No, just driving.

Q: Did you intentionally ram into the black pickup trying to merge onto 280 going the other way?
A: Yes, it looked like a good target.

Q: Really?
A: Actually, no. I think this all had something to do with the huge house that was driving down the road right in front of me and blocking the lanes I needed to get in.

Q: So you tried to avoid the house but hit a truck?
A: Wouldn’t you rather hit a truck than a house? Actually, I didn’t see the truck. I promise I looked!

Q: Tsk, tsk. I hope this teaches you to be more careful when you merge!
A: I told you this was one of the places where I was most likely to have a wreck. Have you ever tried to merge there?

Q: So how is everything now?
A: I’m fine. I did get to sit in the back of a police car for a few minutes, along with the guy I hit. My car is beat up. And the insurance guy is a bit annoying.

Q: When did you ask the insurance guy to call you back?
A: This evening.

Q: How many times did he try to call while you were at work?
A: Six.

Q: What will you do about your car?
A: I’m tempted to leave it alone, or pocket the money. I mean, I can still open the doors! And I never use that side of the car anyway. ;) But I hear the responsible, adult thing to do is get it fixed. So I guess I’ll take it in soon. But the $500 deductible is not a pleasant thought.

Q: So what lesson have you learned from all this?
A: Try to get a job where I can work from home?
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last one for now
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crazy news
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