agrirama part 2

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...or black and white?

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agrirama part 1:

sweet home Alabama

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I'm headed home now.

I have plenty more photos that I'll post later. Sorry--you'll just have to wait.
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just a few of today's sights...more later!

more South Georgia

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they have lots of peanuts and pecans here...and something called mayhaws
It's a bit humid--my camera fogged up when I got out of the van to take a picture of the church. And my hair is curling in places it never has before. Definitely South Georgia.
across from the church
Someone in the group likes to take pictures of rest stops. (?) We didn't go in here--just pulled off to take a picture.

Hello from South Georgia!

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Unlike television, nature does not steal time;
it amplifies it.

-Richard Louv


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The Way Things Once Were:
1. World's Tallest Building--in the U.S.
2. World's Richest Person--in the U.S.
3. World's Largest Publicly Traded Corporation--in the U.S.
4. World's Biggest Airplane--built in the U.S.
5. World's Largest Factories--in the U.S.
6. World's Biggest Ferris Wheel--in the U.S.
7. World's #1 Casino--in the U.S.
8. World's Biggest Gambling Revenue--the U.S.
9. World's Biggest Movie Industry--Hollywood in the U.S.
10. World's Biggest Mall--in the U.S.

The Way Things Are Now:
1. World's Tallest Building--Taipei and soon Dubai
2. World's Richest Person--Mexican
3. World's Largest Publicly Traded Corporation--Chinese
4. World's Biggest Airplane--built in Russia/Ukraine
5. World's Largest Factories--China
6. World's Biggest Ferris Wheel--Singapore
7. World's #1 Casino--Macau
8. World's Biggest Gambling Revenue--Macau
9. World's Biggest Movie Industry--Bollywood in India
10. World's Biggest Mall--Beijing

first night of GAs

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Guest speaker: This is how you write "cat" in Japanese.

GA: It looks like dead fishbones!


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my work is fine, but this is where I'd really rather be...

two years down, two to go

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If all goes as planned, I'm about halfway through with my dissertation right now.



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A few final links from my trip:

youth conference
video 1
video 2
video 3
theme song
ELN article
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At the end of my trip, I attended the Baptist World Youth Conference in Leipzig.
This glass hall was very hot--no air conditioning, and temperatures around 90

lots of exhibits from around the world

about 2000 people stayed in tents (I had a hotel room)6300 people from 89 countries attended--including Jamaica
worshipping with all these people was amazing
people got really into it at the end!


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I'd never really heard of Leipzig before this trip, but apparently it's a pretty historic city.
Prayers for peace in this church helped reunite the country.

Goethe was from Leipzig

so was Bach

Bach's church
the whole city was beautiful
On another note, the Stasi (secret police) in Leipzig used disguises like this. They also collected people's smells in jars...yikes!!


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Martin Luther lived in Wittenberg
monastery/house where Luther lived Luther may or may not have actually posted 95 theses on these church doors the town was beautiful...

one last thing about Berlin

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In Berlin, I had the chance to learn more about the division of Germany and the Berlin Wall. It was strange to think all this had happened so recently.

I went to a museum that detailed ways people had tried (successfully and unsuccessfully) to cross the Berlin Wall. Here are just a few:
  • jump out a window
  • bomb holes in the wall
  • hide inside a loudspeaker box
  • forge a passport
  • hide inside a welding machine
  • dig a tunnel under the wall
  • hide inside a car engine
  • rig up ropes and pulleys
  • hide inside two suitcases, side by side
  • wear a fake police uniform
  • hide inside a plastic cow

Berlin 3

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German Historical Museum
Luther's Bible translation (with pictures if you can't read)

oldest globe in the world (the Americas aren’t on it!) Hitler Youth propaganda poster
signs protesting Germany’s division
Berlin Cathedral
St. Nicholas Church, built around 1230

Berlin 2

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The first Nazi book burning took place here in 1933.
Thousands of concrete pillars of different heights form the Holocaust Memorial. Many were taller than me.
This site, now a parking lot, has filled in Hitler’s underground bunker from World War II. He committed suicide there.
I saw several pieces of the Berlin Wall and visited a museum to learn more about it.
Checkpoint Charlie was the main crossing for Allies between the two Berlins.
This sign was posted at the checkpoint.
Here’s a historical photo of the site, if you can make it out.