Berlin 3

Posted by mountainmelody On 8/09/2008 08:31:00 AM
German Historical Museum
Luther's Bible translation (with pictures if you can't read)

oldest globe in the world (the Americas aren’t on it!) Hitler Youth propaganda poster
signs protesting Germany’s division
Berlin Cathedral
St. Nicholas Church, built around 1230

3 Responses to 'Berlin 3'

  1. Cheryl said...'> 11:42 AM

    Great photos! I've always been so drawn to Nazi propaganda posters and such. From a design standpoint, it's really, really good and effective. Apparently, Hitler, who was a top-notch artist, had a lot to do with the "look" of the whole propaganda machine. He understood the need for clean lines, strong symbols and composition, and succinct, clear messages.

    What kind of camera do you use?


  2. mountainmelody said...'> 6:31 PM

    Thanks! I just have a point and click Fuji camera--it's the subject matter that makes the pictures interesting.

    I found all the Nazi stuff fascinating--and disturbing--too. Thanks for the info.


  3. Cheryl said...'> 10:14 PM

    Like I've told you before, you have a great eye for composition. You're very fortunate to be able to visit such great places to take advantage of good subject matter. My backyard is becoming limiting to me. :)