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Today I was informed that people in India don't use hair dryers because they make your hair fall out.

So if I'm bald when I get back, you know what happened.

I'm leaving tonight. Supposedly, I'll be home some time in the next decade. See you then!

wish you were here

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  • Somehow picking up an American football game on TV, and being asked, "What's that?"
  • Hearing someone from Papau New Guinea pray fervently for the North American church to regain its passion
  • Hearing "Sweet Home Alabama" on the loudspeakers between sessions
  • Trying to explain why most of the American civil rights struggles took place in the "Bible Belt"
  • Explaining that in my culture, marriages aren't arranged by parents
  • Meeting people who have started churches, written books, and founded significant ministries before they were 30
  • Rice

There's much more to think through and share later.

more conference info


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waiting to use the computers (Most of these pictures aren't great, but you get the idea.)

My roommates are from India and Germany.




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I wish I had time to tell you about all the experiences I've had so far. Right now, I can just give you a quick recap:

I am in a small group with girls from the Solomon Islands, the UK, Pakistan, and the Netherlands.

I had lunch with the guy who wrote Perspectives.
I talked with a guy who was shot in the conflict in Liberia.
I had breakfast with Heather Mercer.

You can read more here.
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I'm here, and have accomplished the first few things on my list:
  • get here (this one took a while)
  • take a shower
  • meet some interesting people from other countries
  • find the internet

China Airlines

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French toast or rice?

Fish in wintermelon sauce, or chicken?

Some choices are easy.

(Plus, the seaweed mixed in with the chicken interesting bonus.)

the numbers

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3.5 hours: drive from Birmingham to Atlanta
25 minutes: flight from Atlanta over Birmingham
4 hours: layover in LA
13 hours: time difference between Birmingham and Malaysia
longer than that: flight to Taipei
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Car place: You need to do x, x, and x to your car, or else it will die in the middle of 280/only drive in reverse/spontaneously combust.

Me: Why can't I just take the bus?
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How about some nature pictures from Prague?

passengers on my flights

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the whistler
Mr. High Maintenance
the singer
the rich Americans
the befuddled senior tour groups
the football fans (the majority of the last plane)
the photographer (even I don't take pictures of the flight attendant serving food)

So...I'm back.


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waiting for the tram

coffee break

dining hall


great things about school

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  • three meals a day
  • no commute
  • instant friends
  • sleep later

Of course, you do have to study...

new experience of the day

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...singing a song based on the Lord's Prayer--to the tune of Kumbaya


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  • Prague is in Bohemia (an area of the Czech Republic).
  • A unique technique made famous in Prague is defenestration. (Here's the definition for those of you who aren't up on your English or Latin.)
  • Prague is one of the few European cities that was not damaged much in World War II, so parts of it still have a medieval feel.
  • "Good King Wenceslaus" was a real person who ruled in Prague. (Who knew?)
  • Hitler planned to make Prague the capital of his empire.

Feel smarter now?

more prague

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Some of these pictures aren't the greatest, but you get the idea...

You see buildings like these everywhere.

Some fancy/historic building at night.

Everyone's looking up, waiting for this special clock to strike.

Here's the clock. The "disciples" rotate through the windows when it strikes the hour. The clock dates back to medieval times, I think.

just thought I'd ask...

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Does anyone want to write an 85,000 word paper for me, using 300 to 500 sources?

view from my window

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I've discovered that I really like the British system of education. We don't have tests, quizzes, or papers. Instead, we read, listen to lectures, discuss, and learn. All the learning without any of the pressure--nice!

We do have classes here on Saturdays...
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  • The weather has been beautiful--like a nice spring or fall day. But at one point tonight, it was cold enough to see your breath!
  • We went to an American grocery store. You could buy a bag of double-stuffed Oreos--for only $11.


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During World War II, the buildings that are now the school were seized by the Nazis and used as one of the offices of the SS.

Kind of weird to think about...


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I have met students from

Norway (82-year-old PhD student; "direct descendant of the Vikings")
South Africa
all over Eastern Europe


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Theological Uses of Anglo-American Postmodernism: Epistemology--Foundationalism vs. Holism


Academic Regulations for Research Degree Schemes


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Praha (Prague)

random medieval parade

Old Town Square

from the Charles River Bridge


cathedral (part of the castle complex)

the school

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my room
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See you later!