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We don't have GA meetings during the summer--but this video reminds me of them. A lot. :)

part 4

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Me? Carried away taking too many pictures?

The end.

part 3

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Okay, back to pictures of the grotto. The random combination of sacred and secular here really cracked me up!
leaning tower of Pisa
Jerusalem temple

sacred harp singing

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On Thursday I went to the National Sacred Harp Singing Convention. It was great! There's nothing like being surrounded by hundreds of people singing a cappella harmony as loudly as they can. (Contrary to this picture, it wasn't just old men!)
The convention made the local news. Check out the photos on the left of the page too.
For more about Sacred Harp--including sound clips--check out the articles from NPR and Time. Or watch some of the videos on YouTube.
Sacred Harp music isn't all warm fuzzies. Check out the lyrics to one song we sang:
Youth, like the spring, will soon be gone,
By fleeting time or conquering death;
Your morning sun may set at noon,
And leave you ever in the dark.
Your sparkling eyes and blooming cheeks
Must wither like the blasted rose;
The coffin, earth, and winding sheet
Will soon your active limbs enclose,
Will soon your active limbs enclose.
Most of the songs weren't so gloomy, though. If you like music, you should come next year. It's free and very fun!

part 2

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I took tons of pictures, so you'll be seeing them here for awhile!

It was a fascinating place.

Ave Maria Grotto

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How could I have not been here before now?
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

more later--


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I finally had a chance to stop by Mooresville on my trip.
Mooresville was the first town incorporated in Alabama. The entire town is on the National Historic Register!

Here's the 1839 brick church.

Check out the steeple! (Sorry this picture isn't so great.)

Mooresville was a nice stop!

more Huntsville

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Huntsville had some beautiful old buildings.
But it also had confusing streets and signs.
Which way do you want to go? Take your pick!

you know it may be time to go shopping when...

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Anonymous person: You look really cute today! I almost didn't recognize you!

Me: Uhh...thanks?
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I visited an interesting church this weekend.
The back of this sign talked about the building's "distinctive, modernistic architecture and Christian symbolism."

Others called it a "galactic church" that was the result of a "great enterprise."

Everyone enjoyed looking at "Jesus on an eggbeater"...

and the interplanetary stained glass windows.

I'd certainly never seen a church quite like this before!

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Here's a lovely video of my choir singing in our concert. I'm hidden up somewhere in the second section from the left, in the middle left. You can see more here.
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on the road again!
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I hope I'm not over the weight limit...
Posted by mountainmelody On 6/03/2009 06:06:00 AM 5 comments's the weather looking for Yellowstone?
Posted by mountainmelody On 6/01/2009 09:22:00 PM 1 comments all the way!