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I think a woman's place is in the home. And she should stay there after she gets home from work.

-1976 magazine
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Alabama church signs
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The conference went really well. Now back to work: my job by day and my dissertation by night.'s a fun life I live these days, people.

fun with the 50s

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Here are some images from the presentation I'll give tomorrow. Could be fun! :)

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Now I'm at a religious studies meeting in Atlanta. The fun never ends!
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Dear well-intentioned friends, church members, coworkers, etc.:

It is difficult to have dozens of conversations a day about a topic that is extremely discouraging to me. I need you to distract me with different, fun subjects!

I'll give you a brief update when I see you, if you want, but let's talk about something else for now!
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Come hear me sing spirituals at the Alys Stephens Center tomorrow night at 7 PM!


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For the past week I have worked on my dissertation non-stop, from the moment I got up until the moment I went to bed. I took a break only to go to church and to choir practice. Fun times.

I have completed another draft, this one 487 pages long.

Now for more waiting, and waiting, and waiting...

I'm not sure which is worse: revising or waiting!


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What about social equality? That is the devil's bugaboo. Social equality comes from the debasement of both races. In the saloon and brothel there is social equality. But when we can lift them above such places of sin and shame, we eliminate all danger of social equality. Except where all moral standards and ideals are obliterated, social equality in the South is impossible.

--1915 magazine
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Society needs woman's interpretation of life in every department of it. The world needs the contribution woman can make to its welfare, and this contribution can never be given in full measure so long as the notion prevails that her thoughts, her feels and her actions are of real worth only when they have been strained through a masculine percolator.

--1925 magazine
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And now for a solid week of dissertation torture...

Wish me luck.


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Curse of the Good Girl: "...the pressure to be liked by everyone, generous to a fault and flawless at everything you do. Good Girls are taught to be modest and teeth gnashingly friendly. They are not so good at self-advocacy, saying no, putting themselves out there, and dealing with constructive criticism."

back to the future

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Today's woman anticipates mail by rockets, supersonic diswashers, plastic plumbing, paper clothes, and typewriters that will write as she talks.

-1964 book