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Leader: Do you remember what kind of bad weather they have in Haiti? Remember--it's an island.

GA 1: Tornadoes?

Leader: No, but you're close.

GA 2: Volcanoes!

Me: What does giving someone clean water have to do with what this verse says about doing something unto the 'least of these' like you're doing it for Jesus?

GA 3: Ooh! Ooh! I know! It's like today I gave my brother a whoopee cushion. When I gave it to him it was really like I gave it to lots of people.

too many mornings, way too early

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another reason to live overseas

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Americans work longer hours than people from any other country.

first fall color

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In case you're wondering, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

I don't have anything exciting to share from my trip, but I'm back home now. You can look for scintillating posts in the days to come, I'm sure.

not sure if you'll believe this, but...

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Traffic on 459 was terribly slow again today.

Turns out there was a grass fire on the side of the road, not a mile or two from where the truck burned yesterday.

At least my house didn't burn down.


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This morning the fire alarm went off at work. (Supposedly there was a loud "boom" before that, but I didn't hear it.) The fire trucks came, but I guess everything was okay.

Today on my way home from work, a tractor trailer caught fire on the side of the road. I was just a couple of cars back--I came to it several minutes before any police or fire trucks came. It must have just happened.

I sat on the interstate for an hour watching it burn. Flames and smoke were going everywhere--even leaping out across all three lanes of the interstate. At one point there was a large "boom," and more fire.

Here are some pictures from my phone:

I'm just hoping my house doesn't catch on fire tonight. ;)
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Nature is the art of God.
-Dante Alighieri

it would hardly be October without pictures of goldenrod

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back but with nothing exciting

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Just more random trivia for you:

Did you know that the average time devoted to dusting has fallen significantly in recent decades?

In my cleaning habits, I'm just trying to keep up with the trend. ;)

in Nashville

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I'm in Nashville, but you'll have to take my word for it. I've been too busy to get out and take any pictures, and I don't figure that a photo of the inside of my hotel room is that exciting.

But at least I posted so you'll know I'm alive. (Takes a load off your mind, I know.)

why you shouldn't hike in flip-flops

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on the mountain

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(during a discussion about world hunger)

GA: If I were starving, I might even eat brussel sprouts!
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things I don't like about living here
1. dial-up internet
2. dial-up internet
3. dial-up internet
4. driving a million miles to get anywhere
5. wasting my life in traffic while driving a million miles to get to work

things I like about living here
1. peace, quiet
2. beautiful mountains, trees, lake, etc.
3. open space
4. rootedness, heritage, sense of "place"
5. community