Kutna Hora

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I visited the town of Kutna Hora today. It was beautiful! Here are a few pictures (repeats from Facebook--sorry.) More later!

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This was my view while eating dessert last night.
Wish you were here!

research report

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I presented my research at the doctoral colloquium today. It went very well!

Everyone seemed pleased with my progress. I didn't get any really cruel comments (which is definitely a good thing!).

So I'm happy with how it went, and now I can relax and enjoy the rest of my time in Europe. Yeah!


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Here are a few random/bizarre signs from the museum of communism:

this one is just weird:
what's wrong with this one (besides the poor photo quality)?

museum of communism

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lobby (practically every building here is beautiful)
interrogation desk
Communist march across the Charles Bridge
ordinary workers were idolized
Soviet missile


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Today was the first day of our doctoral colloquium. Here are some excerpts from just a few of the presentations I heard:

First by the revelation of a certain sacramentalist tendency in Orthodox ecclesiology, including [name]'s, [name] proves that a revisiting of the theology of sacraments of baptism, Eucharist and present salvation, in the Trinitarian framework, is not only desirable but also important for the reconstruction of the Romanian ecclesial identity in dialogue of traditions.

The case study database serves a twofold purpose: to structure the data acquired in the field in such a way that aids the coding and analysis process, and to store the raw data in such a way that it is available for independent investigation.

Corporate evil imposes polarized and hostile collective perception and tends to expand its coercive power into all spheres of life.

Wish you were here!

By the way, I'm leading chapel tomorrow morning and presenting my research Thursday morning. You can dream of me while you're asleep!

interesting sites around town

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  • KFCs everywhere (or so it seems)
  • people eating ice cream with temperatures outside around freezing
  • a bit more humility than in the US:

At home, I bet this store would have been called not even "America's best art glass," but "the world's best art glass"!

while you were sleeping

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I arrived in Prague this morning. Since then, I've done several things:
walked around town
seen some monuments
visited a museum (more on that later)
rode on the metro and several buses
(notice the dog on the escalator)
bought groceries
(these are the carts--just like Aldi's)
enjoyed the view from my room
(after dragging my luggage up 50 or 60 steps, but for some reason I didn't get a picture of that...)

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Yesterday I got an email "regarding your upcoming trip to the United States."


I'm not actually going to the United States (in case you were wondering).

I'm not going to Czechoslovakia either. Check the history books from 1993.

I'm actually headed to the Czech Republic.

See you later!

breaking news bulletin

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An observant field reporter snapped this image on top of the mountain:
Will mountain residents soon join the rest of the world in DSL paradise?
Stay tuned!

just in case you were wondering...

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Measurable snow has not been observed at the Birmingham Airport since January 28, 2000.

did I mention it's been cold?

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I know you can't tell it from these pictures, but some of the icicles were almost as tall as me!

this cold house

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It's been really cold here--temperatures are expected to be below freezing for 2 or 3 days.

This morning when I got up, my house was 51 degrees F. That's despite having the heat turned up and leaving three space heaters running all night. (I'm not looking forward to seeing the power bill!)

I don't know how cold it got in the middle of the night, but I woke up around 4:30 with a cold nose like you get from going outside in chilly temperatures.

I guess that's one downside of living in a 90-year-old house!


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Leader: Who would you like us to pray for tonight?
Girl 1: my dad, because he's out of town
Girl 2: my mom, because she lost her job
Girl 3: my great-great aunt, because she got to see me when I was a baby
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Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God;
But only he who sees takes off his shoes--
The rest sit around it and pluck blackberries.

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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I was working away in my office when I heard a strange noise. Suddenly something came crashing down from the sky, scattering the items on my desk and then landing on the floor.

Oops! One of the blinds had fallen off my window (and broken into pieces on the floor).
It must have gotten tired after holding on for twenty-some years. Now that I'm getting on up there myself, I guess I can't blame it!


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Leader: This missionary kid has 8 boys and girls in his family!
Girl 1: Is he on a TV show??


Girl 2: I want to have 67 kids!
Me: Why?
Girl 2: Just because.
Girl 3: I want to have 100 kids! Then I can be in the goodness book of world records!

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just before sunrise

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one misty, moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather

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Happy New Year!

I hope this year brings you lots of joy, happiness, glee, cheer, euphoria, delight, or whatever else you might wish for!