try not to cry...

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I'm taking off from most everything until September 5 to work on my dissertation. So unless something unusually interesting happens in the meantime, see you then.

first week of GAs

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Girl [to me]: You're the goddess of GAs!

Same girl: Kenya? I know about Kenya! They don't have libraries there, so camels carry books to them on their backs!

ostrich feathers, anyone?

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From a report written in 1888:

Annual amount contributed by Christians in the United States,
for home and foreign missions, $5,500,000;
for dress goods, $125,000,000;
for kid gloves, $25,000,000;
for ostrich feathers, $5,000,000;
for tobacco, $600,000,000;
for liquor, $900,000,000.
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quote of the day

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If I die today, tell everybody that I was planning to clean the house tomorrow.
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Just the knowledge that a good book is awaiting one at the end of a long day makes that day happier.

-Kathleen Norris
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71% of Americans think of themselves as leaders.
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Yes, people, that's the sun rising.
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If you have any old books you don't want, I'll take them!

only in Alabama

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Guy: Yeah, I grew up here, but then I moved away.

Me: Oh yeah? Where did you go? (thinking Chicago, Nashville, DC, etc.)

Guy: Well, we tried Pelham and Homewood [both suburbs of Birmingham], but we liked Argo [another suburb] best, so we came back home.
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Today someone called me (at work) and asked if I wanted a job as a Latin teacher.

Ne sutor ultra crepidam.
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Pennies, nickels, dimes we are,
Rolling near and rolling far;
Little wheels, how swift we go,
Bearing to a world of woe
Tiding of the Lord we love,
Messages from heaven above.

There are bigger wheels, you know—
Quarters, halves, yes, dollars too!
Set them rolling, friends, and see
What a buzzing there will be—
How the tidings that they bring
Will make lonely hearts to sing.

If a big wheel you can start
With its message to some heart,
Do—O! do not be content
With a nickel or a cent!
But the big wheel—friend, don’t wait;
Drop it quick upon the plate!


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Many late adolescent young people today are four to six years behind the previous generation in sociological and psychological development.