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someone took the how do I get to Arches National Park?

pop quiz

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Have a sharpened number 2 pencil ready? Please tell me which option below I would prefer. Although you cannot open your textbook, you can refer back to the lists I posted recently if you need a hint.

This is a one question, all or nothing quiz. Ready?

Which option would I prefer?

A. traveling to national parks and hiking through beautiful mountains and rock formations

B. watching a rather annoying dog for two weeks
Okay, time's up. Put your pencils down.
If you picked option A, you're correct! (How'd you guess?)
Unfortunately, though, this was a trick question. My neighbors chose option A. I got option B.
The dog and I will be working on it, though! ;)
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I wasn't the only one who decided to go walking this afternoon.


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places I want to go
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Wolf River bottomlands, Tennessee


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Hmm.... Haven't I posted something like this before? Apparently I'm getting senile in my old age. Oh well--here are my most recent lists (for what they're worth):

things I like
old music
the South
classical music
old buildings
the internet

things I don't like
background noise
dumb people
talking on the phone
most animals
loud people


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stick figures in peril
(aka dissertation distraction)

only $1.97!

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Some interesting things have been turning up in my yard lately--a broken pipe, a baby squirrel, and also this:
Can you read this? That's right--it's from the Columbia record club. Not MP3 club, CD club, or even cassette tape club--record club.

I vaguely remember listening to a Strawberry Shortcake record when I was very young. I think I had one of Bible songs too. But I was never a member of the Columbia record club.

Apparently someone was--or at least kept a magazine advertising it.

I wonder if they'll still honor the $1.97 rate?

more useless information

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The number of text messages sent and received every day exceeds the total population of the planet.

are you my mother?

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Typically, my encounters with squirrels involve listening to what sounds like dozens of them scuffling in my attic. But yesterday we met a baby squirrel who was much friendlier than that.
This squirrel didn't run when we approached. Actually, he came right up to us and jumped in our hands! He promptly snuggled down and attempted to nap. Very cute!
I don't really need a pet squirrel, though. So we left our new friend in the yard, where I hope he promptly found his real mother.
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If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy;
If a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you;
If the simple things of nature have a message that you understand;
Rejoice, for your soul is alive.
-Eleonora Duse

GAs on sugar

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Girl who won't stop jumping up and down: I ate chocolate! Now I'm sizzling!! I ate chocolate! Now I'm sizzling!!
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interesting article and photos

reason 2384972 I'm glad I'm not a homeowner

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In between rehearsals this weekend, I noticed an Anonymous Responder digging in my yard.

"This is a strange time to make mud pies," I thought, as the weather radio went off inside the house for the third or fourth time. But then again, torrential downpours do create excellent mud.

It turns out the AR was actually concerned with my plumbing. Very thoughtful of him.

He managed to patch a leaky pipe and spare me from an exorbitant water bill. I provided moral support, a bucket, and a towel. A rain shelter might also have been nice, but I didn't get a chance to build one before the bottom fell out.
So--just let me know if you need any extra water. We have plenty of it over here!


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Here's part of one of the songs we'll be singing tomorrow. You know you want to come! ;)


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You are invited to hear me sing about Baal for an hour and a half.
Alys Stephens Center
Sunday, May 3
7 PM
Can't make it?
Then you're invited to stop by my work on Monday and see how tired I am from 8 hours of rehearsing and singing over the weekend. :)