Berlin 2

Posted by mountainmelody On 8/08/2008 07:00:00 AM
The first Nazi book burning took place here in 1933.
Thousands of concrete pillars of different heights form the Holocaust Memorial. Many were taller than me.
This site, now a parking lot, has filled in Hitler’s underground bunker from World War II. He committed suicide there.
I saw several pieces of the Berlin Wall and visited a museum to learn more about it.
Checkpoint Charlie was the main crossing for Allies between the two Berlins.
This sign was posted at the checkpoint.
Here’s a historical photo of the site, if you can make it out.

2 Responses to 'Berlin 2'

  1. crystal said...'> 5:30 PM

    It wouldn't enlarge for me, actually. Strange.
    What were the concrete pillars for? What did they symbolize? It looks interesting! :)


  2. mountainmelody said...'> 9:08 PM

    Sorry, not sure why they won't enlarge.

    Wikipedia says: "the stelae are designed to produce an uneasy, confusing atmosphere, and the whole sculpture aims to represent a supposedly ordered system that has lost touch with human reason"...