mixed motives?

Posted by mountainmelody On 4/02/2009 06:04:00 AM
GA: When can I be a missionary?

Leader: You can be a missionary right now.

GA: No, really--when can I be a missionary?

Leader: You can show God's love to people at your school every day.

GA: No! When can I be a REAL missionary? When can I go to Italy??

2 Responses to 'mixed motives?'

  1. Melissa said...
    http://mountainmelody.blogspot.com/2009/04/mixed-motives.html?showComment=1238679060000#c541352622605457703'> 8:31 AM

    I want to be a missionary to Italy too! Or maybe I just want to eat good food...Hmmm...Haha!


  2. http://mountainmelody.blogspot.com/2009/04/mixed-motives.html?showComment=1238680380000#c8421153151019392610'> 8:53 AM

    Funny! I'm with her! :)