welcome home?

Posted by mountainmelody On 2/08/2009 05:33:00 PM
US customs official: Is anyone traveling with you today?
Me: No.
Customs official: Where are you coming from?
Me: Vienna and Prague.
Customs official: (somewhat patronizingly) Weren't you afraid to travel all that way by yourself?
Me: Um, no.
Customs official: How old are you??

3 Responses to 'welcome home?'

  1. Rurality said...
    http://mountainmelody.blogspot.com/2009/02/welcome-home.html?showComment=1234187340000#c9157375870947534466'> 7:49 AM

    You're really going to appreciate that a lot more when you're 50. :)


  2. http://mountainmelody.blogspot.com/2009/02/welcome-home.html?showComment=1234313100000#c8503134395297062552'> 6:45 PM

    Was it a guy saying that? Maybe he liked you, although he had an immature way of showing it. He could have been saying whatever came to mind in order to keep you talking, too.

    Hm. Makes me wonder if he is like the token woman--Sandra Bullock--from "While You Were Sleeping" and he hasn't been anywhere himself....


  3. mountainmelody said...
    http://mountainmelody.blogspot.com/2009/02/welcome-home.html?showComment=1234320660000#c3780846675492114229'> 8:51 PM

    I honestly think this guy thought I was about 14 years old. :)