two Vienna pics

Posted by mountainmelody On 2/08/2009 02:12:00 AM
many more coming later!

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    I have always longed to go to Austria. I thought maybe we'd make it when my daughter planned a trip for me and Elbert in 1991 but it was Switzerland instead. Close but not Austria. I wanted to be where Mozart and others wrote the beautiful classical music and see the mountains from 'Sound of Music'. Did I get that title right, it didn't sound right when I wrote it? Oh well, the mind is not awake yet. Just got up. Have fun and share more pictures. Please


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    That's right--I saw Mozart stuff in Vienna. (pictures soon!) And on another trip I hope to go to Salzburg and see the mountains and Sound of Music stuff. Maybe you'll get to go someday too!


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    Great pictures, as always!

    I've gone to "The Sound of Music" sites in Salzburg and it was pretty cool. The gazebo where Liesl(sp) dances with Fritz is a recreation, I think, it wasn't the set gazebo, but it was still fun. If you get the chance you should go.


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    Very cool! I do plan to go within the next year or two. I'm always planning my next trip. :)