Posted by mountainmelody On 2/16/2009 07:17:00 PM
I always enjoy visiting cathedrals when I travel. Coming from a place where church buildings are primarily utilitarian, I'm always amazed at the elaborate design and tremendous expense that goes into most cathedrals. I'm also fascinated by the variety I observe across cathedrals in different areas.
These pictures are from the first cathedral I visited in Györ.
Somebody important was buried in the basement. (Since the casket is above ground, maybe buried isn't the right word?) Interesting...

Somebody else important was honored with this gold monument.
Upstairs, this picture of Mary supposedly cries tears of blood. (I didn't see any.) Pilgrims from surrounding areas reportedly flock here to observe this phenomenon (although there weren't huge crowds on the cold day I visited).

By the way, did you know that most cathedrals don't have electric lights or heating? They use natural light--and are freezing cold in the winter!

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    That makes sense, now that you mention it. Electricity is a relatively recent invention, compared to the age of the cathedrals.

    I guess that means that people don't have to take their coats off for services?