I have a feeling we're not in Alabama any more...

Posted by mountainmelody On 4/20/2006 10:11:00 PM

2 Responses to 'I have a feeling we're not in Alabama any more...'

  1. Crystal said...
    http://mountainmelody.blogspot.com/2006/04/i-have-feeling-were-not-in-alabama-any.html?showComment=1145621460000#c114562150476993602'> 7:11 AM

    What are you doing out there?! :)

    We're going to the other LA this weekend... My friend's getting married. Yay for trips!


  2. mountainmelody said...
    http://mountainmelody.blogspot.com/2006/04/i-have-feeling-were-not-in-alabama-any.html?showComment=1145629380000#c114562943596681918'> 9:23 AM

    Surprise! ;)

    I'm having fun--as you can see--with my friend who works with international students out here.

    Vacations are good!