Posted by mountainmelody On 2/19/2008 07:56:00 PM

I don't have a huge interest in politics. But judging from the "younger evangelical" events I've attended over the past few years, I really do think he's right on target.

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  1. mountainmelody said...'> 8:02 PM

    P.S. I hope someone is impressed that I've posted something semi-substantative--and about politics, too!


  2. Cheryl said...'> 6:26 PM

    Duly impressed.

    Interesting article. Not having attended any "younger evangelical" events lately, I wouldn't know if his observations as they relate to politics are accurate, but his observations about the fragmentation along left/right/center lines seems to be spot on.


  3. mountainmelody said...'> 8:01 PM

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