Proclamation of Good News for Women

Posted by mountainmelody On 12/18/2007 09:11:00 PM
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news to all the women of the world.

To those who are weighed down with guilt, it is forgiveness.

To those who sin, it is redemption and renewal.

To those who are oppressed, it is freedom.

To those who live with fear, it is peace.

To those who are despised and rejected, it is kinship with the God who endured the shame of the cross.

To those who are bound by culture and tradition, it is emancipation by One who treated women as equals.

To those who cannot trust, it is dependence upon One who has proven himself trustworthy.

To those who are lonely, it is friendship with the Best Friend women ever had.

To those who are devalued, it is a new identity as joint-heirs of the grace of God.

As women who follow the Lord Jesus Christ, we are compelled by his love, commanded by his Word, and gifted by his Spirit to share this Gospel with those who have not seen or heard the salvation of our God.

We will radiate his light into the dark corners of women’s experience;

We will bear his life to those who are dying;

We will share our bread with those who are hungry;

We will declare his promise of Resurrection to those who have no hope;

We will proclaim his empowerment to those who are powerless;

We will bring affirmation to those who do not know they are made in the image of God;

We will see with the eyes of Jesus, weep with his tears, hear with his ears, speak with his words, touch with his hands, embrace with his arms, and feel with his heart

Until that great day comes when every woman, man, and child will know the glorious grace and goodness of our God.

Baptist World Alliance Women’s Department, 1992.

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