two dumb mice, or all around the living room

Posted by mountainmelody On 12/12/2006 09:04:00 PM
Two mice just chased each other around and around the room--multiple times--while I was sitting here.


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  1. Cheryl said...'> 10:57 PM

    I'm more impressed that you could sit there while mice are running around in your house!

    You know, a cat would solve a lot of your problems, and there are plenty at shelters who need a home! (hint, hint :)


  2. you know who the mouse saver is ;-) said...'> 1:27 AM

    A cat would be good - even though you're not much of an animal person. I do like that idea better than the glue traps and the D-con. But it is your problem, and it sounds as if something needs to be done. If it wasn't a spoiled cat (like some we know) it really wouldn't be TOO much trouble...


  3. mountainmelody said...'> 7:03 AM

    I'm guessing you animal lovers wouldn't be too happy if a person left a cat by itself for two weeks while they were on a trip...


  4. Cheryl said...'> 9:18 AM

    If your cat was an indoor/outdoor cat (with claws...never put a declawed cat outside), the you could leave a cat for up to two weeks as long as it had shelter, a self-feeder with food and plenty of water. It's not the best situation, but outside cats are EASY to care for.

    Totally up to you, but yes, better than glue traps and D-con. Cats—God's all natural, fur-covered, efficient little mouse traps. :)


  5. mountainmelody said...'> 3:30 PM

    mouse traps: $5

    vet fees, shots, collar, bed, litter box, feeder, food, toys, bandaids for scratches: $500+


  6. Amy ;-) said...'> 5:39 PM

    She could use your bed. The mice are the toys and cat treats. The scratches are rarely deep enough to need bandaids...


  7. Cheryl said...'> 6:27 PM

    Vet fees for a healthy cat for a year: $35
    Food for a year: $86
    Bandaids: $5.50

    Loving companionship and mice-be-gone: Priceless



  8. mountainmelody said...'> 7:07 PM

    Somehow I knew the replies would involve the word priceless. ;)

    I also find time to myself in a scratch-free environment priceless.


  9. the mouse saver ;-) said...'> 12:49 AM

    one last pro-cat comment:

    A cat would also serve as a mouse-deterrant.


  10. mountainmelody said...'> 1:32 PM

    Okay, mouse saver...umm, do you know what cats do to mice? I don't think they save them.


  11. Anonymous said...'> 4:49 PM

    A snake is a good "mouse-deterrent", doesn't scratch and is much cleaner than a cat.


  12. mountainmelody said...'> 4:51 PM