ice storm

Posted by mountainmelody On 2/03/2011 07:31:00 PM
This morning I certainly would not have expected to be blogging about an ice storm today! The storm caught all the weather forecasters off guard. I think I was the first one to leave my work this afternoon, but it still took me a very long and nerve-wracking 2 hours and 15 minutes to make it home.

Here are some pictures from the drive. (Don't worry, Mom! I took these while stopped in traffic.)

This is the first of many wrecks I passed--people who slid off the icy roads.
 Here the ice is freezing on my windshield while I'm waiting in a line of traffic--
parents who rushed to get their kids out of school.
 Here I'm waiting behind a line of cars trying to drive up a very icy hill. It was quite the adventure.
 Here's an icy driveway near home, after I made it past all the wrecked cars and icy patches on the road.
I haven't been so glad to get home in awhile!

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