trying to better understand this interesting place I live...

Posted by mountainmelody On 12/17/2010 07:41:00 PM reading this book and watching this video.

3 Responses to 'trying to better understand this interesting place I live...'

  1. countrypeapie said...'> 7:51 PM

    hey, i went to school with warren st john ~ he was a grade ahead of me ~ great book, and i don't even care much for football!


  2. mountainmelody said...'> 7:52 PM

    Really? Cool! And thanks very much for the video!


  3. countrypeapie said...'> 7:51 PM

    you're welcome ~ i don't do football, but i still thought that commercial was hilarious

    wsj has since written another book called outcasts united, about a refugee soccer team ~ i've not read it yet but would like to