Posted by mountainmelody On 12/18/2008 08:44:00 PM
This is what Christmas lights in the park look like through the windshield of a moving vehicle on a foggy, rainy night.

You can’t say I didn’t try…

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  1.'> 8:59 AM

    Gee Whiz... it must be raining where you live. You aren't the first one on my blog list from that area that doesn't have rain photos on their blog. Hope it gets sunny soon. Love the pic... it's fascinating figuring out that it's a house etc.


  2. Rurality said...'> 8:47 PM

    Palisades? I keep meaning to get over there...


  3. mountainmelody said...'> 8:50 PM

    Yes. The most interesting thing to me was how many of the displays were in memory of some dead person...a little morbid if you ask me!


  4. Melissa said...'> 8:26 AM

    Yeah, so much for Christmas-light-looking! No one even puts them up around here, so we ended up just driving around aimlessly in the fog the other night. What a bummer! :)


  5. mountainmelody said...'> 8:29 AM

    sad! :(