Posted by mountainmelody On 3/11/2007 05:20:00 PM

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  1. Anonymous said...'> 9:41 PM

    Before looks a lot better.



  2. crystal said...'> 12:40 PM

    I know people need places to live but is there really that big of a jump in population to need so many houses so fast? Or are there a ton of houses vacant out there?


  3. mountainmelody said...'> 9:54 PM

    Click the link on "after" if you didn't. I don't think the development is really targeting people from around here.


  4. Rurality said...'> 8:38 AM

    Well it does look like it had been logged out not that long ago anyway... I think that this development is targeting retired people. I had read that the entrance was going to be on the other side of the mountain so I was surprised to see this one. Or maybe it's just for the construction?

    I can't tell you how much of a kick I get when I see pictures on your blog of something I drive past occasionally! Now I'm waiting to see if you will ever get a picture of that cow with a heart on its side. Do you know the one I mean? It does not live too far from this picture. Black cow with a white heart!


  5. mountainmelody said...'> 9:05 PM

    The cow is very, very close to me. I've wanted to take its picture and post it for Valentine's Day...but I haven't gotten up the guts to yet. :) Maybe later.

    About the development...something like, the people on the other side protested, so they moved the entrance onto the mountain. :(


  6. Rurality said...'> 9:46 PM

    The last time I drove by, the cow was lying down and not being photogenic at all. I've never gone by there when it was posing and I had my camera. But I think you should do it... you're younger and you could run faster! :)

    At about the same time we got our place, there was a place up near that cow that for sale. I wanted to look at it, but hubby wanted more land than went with that one. (It was the one that had old metal signs on the porch.) It's a really nice area. But you will be getting a lot of traffic from the development now I guess. I imagine that they will all go into S'ville to shop.

    Anyway, the other end of that road (going towards O.) is not far from where we are.


  7. mountainmelody said...'> 9:52 PM

    I like it up here...although I don't like developments so much!

    I'll think of you when I go that way.